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Welcome to the projects and research center (PRC) webpage at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG). The Projects and Research Center (PRC) at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) was founded in 2002 by an initiative from the Faculty of Engineering. Since then, the center main aim is to guide the different efforts towards utilizing the applied engineering science to produce solutions to the various problems faced by local communities and industries. 

In this context, the PRC organizes technical and logistical support for the BSc and MSc students in their graduation and research projects at the Faculty of Engineering.

PRC organizes periodical technological engineering exhibitions where students demonstrate their innovations to the public and local companies’ representatives.

The center works also through various programs and activities in accordance with the strategic plan of the IUG. This mainly includes the enrichment of scientific research and training in the Faculty of Engineering at IUG.


I ask Almighty God to support the center team to achieve the objectives of the center to create a stimulating environment for the transfer of knowledge.