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The Research and Project center was established in 2002 as a center specified to serve students of both Electric and computer engineering in the Islamic University. This center is the most effective among all university units which seeks to perform services for the community as well as the students and graduates of the faculty of engineering. Since its establishment, the center managed to offer technical support and appropriate facilities for students in order to help them execute outstanding graduation projects. This center also offered consulting services to the local society’s institutions.

  • The Center’s View

Elevating the level of graduation projects and guiding scientific researches in a way it serves the community and meets the needs of the job market.

  • The Center’s Message

Offering researchers and student basic facilities and appropriate scientific environment for creativity and innovation.

  • Target Group

  1. Graduation project students in the faculties of Electric, Computer and Industrial Engineering.
  2. Researchers inside and outside the University and innovative ideas owners.
  3. Local society institutions.

  • Projects Executed in the Center

    The Researches and Projects Center executes two kind of projects: 
  1. Projects related to students in the faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electric Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Teachers and lecturers in the university supervise the process of execution which includes graduation projects.
  2. Projects that serve the community which are supervised and executed by engineers in the center’s team in addition to graduated engineers that are assigned to work by special contracts. Such projects are funded by beneficiary institution or by foreign supporting groups.